The IA CID is a Political Sub-Division structured to enhance and develop the Independence Avenue corridor

Independence Avenue
Community Improvement District


First utilized in 2002 in the State of Missouri, Community Improvment Districts (CID) are a tool for redevelopment and neighborhood stabilization. The State has two main types of CIDs: 1) political subdivisions, funded by public money through sales tax assessments, and 2) not-for-profits, funded by property tax or special assessments.

The Independence Avenue CID is a political subdivision, funded by public money through sales tax assessments. Business and industrial property owners within the defined geographic district, design and pay for the CID.

CIDs can be used for community safety, beautification, business retention, economic growth, and capital improvements, and are intended to supplement, not replace, basic services provided by municipalities and the fundamental responsibilities of property owners. Depending on the needs of the community it serves, a CID can have many focuses or just a few.

Thanks to CIDs, cities throughout Missouri are being transformed. Blighted, crime-ridden areas are being beautified and made safer while communities that were already prosperous are becoming even better; helping spur economic growth in the Historic Northeast, the City of Kansas City, and the State of Missouri.



We collaborate with many businesses and stakeholders in the community to create a place for success. 

For example, we highlight businesses located within the District in the NE News displaying services & products.

We also offer a storefront improvement program that assists our businesses to maintain or make changes to the exterior of the appearance of their store. 

Ribbon cutting at Fresh Market sponsored by the NEKC Chamber & Independence Ave CID 2023

The Urban Street Ambassadors on their lunch break in the Historic Northeast area of KCMO.


The Avenue continues to see daily beautification progress made by our Urban Street Ambassadors (USA) who 1) keep Independence Ave clear of litter & flying debris, 2) decorate for various holidays, 3) maintain common area landscaping, & 4) remove snow & ice from the public right-of-way.

Regardless of the weather, they also help monitor street activity and help keep storefront clean.


Our ‘Avenue Angels’ (TITAN Security) address nuisance crimes on properties within the district and are “eyes on the Avenue.”

From 8:30am-11:30pm, seven days a week plus overnight patrol, TITAN assists the International Marketplace (i.e., Independence Ave CID) businesses and on-site customers.

Our officers visit CID businesses weekly for a “4 Corners” communty outreach as a reminder that they are here for them.

The Avenue Angels weekly ‘Four Corners’ communication in the Northeast News

What does the IA CID do?

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